Chatter Communications

Chatter Communications are a recruitment advertising agency based in Leeds helping organisations build and manage their reputation as employers through better engagement with talent.

I’ve been working with Chatter since around 2011 and as one of the first members of the Chatter team of freelancers, known as the flock, I was pleased to work with them on the redesign of their website.

UX Design
UI Design

Interface Design

Chatter Communications

Previous website

I designed and built the original Chatter website ready for the company launch way back in 2011, it had done it’s job well but it was in need of a visual update and also a mobile friendly layout. Chatter had recently finished a major piece of work around developing their brand and the new website needed to incorporate this new look and feel.

Template wireframes

After a few meetings with the team at Chatter where we spent some time sketching out some rough ideas and creating an initial sitemap, we had a clear idea of the site structure and the nature of the content on each of the pages. The next stage in the process was to create a wireframe of each of the key page templates in Illustrator.

Template Designs

After a few rounds of feedback and iterations we had a full set of wireframes agreed for each template. The next step was to create a full set of designs for each of the key templates of the site using Photoshop.