Interact Intranet

Interact is one of the fastest growing intranet software companies in the world with offices in Manchester, New York, Dallas and Sydney. The existing corporate website was starting to show it’s age and was in need of an overhaul of both the design and the structure. I worked with them to redesign their corporate website and digital brand.

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UI Design
Digital Branding

Interface Design
Digital Brand Assets

New Adventures in Pixels

Kick off meeting presentation

Before the first kick off meeting with the Interact board I’d spoken at length with some key members of the Interact team. As a result I had a clear idea of the problems with the current website and also their aims and ambitions for the site redesign. For the kick off meeting I clarified this knowledge into a simple keynote presentation that outlined the reasons and goals for the site redesign.

Initial moodboards

The first phase of work was creating a series of moodboards to establish the visual and aesthetic feel of the site. Designing these moodboards at the start of the project helped to define a clear creative direction and gave the Interact team a good idea of how the site would eventually look.

Template wireframes

As a software development company the Interact team knew their way around a web  project lifecycle and had already carried out a detailed process of user interviews and Google Analytics data analysis.

I was provided with a set of rudimentary wireframes that defined which elements were required on each page template, using these documents as a starting point I created a full set of detailed wireframes in Adobe Illustrator.

Template Designs

As if often the case we got some of the templates right first time, however other more complicated and content heavy templates required a few rounds of iteration before we were happy with them.

Once we’d worked through this process and we had a full set of approved page template wireframes, the next step was to create a full set of complete visual designs for each of the key templates of the site using Photoshop.

Screenshots and animations

Interacts intranet software is easy-to-use and packed full of tools and features. The best way to communicate the scope of the software was to create a suite of product screenshots across both mobile and desktop.

However we felt that certain features of a more complex nature would benefit from some animation to highlight particular aspects. These animations were created in Photoshop and exported as gifs.

Illustrations and icons

Line art illustrations were a key component of the new digital brand. Using the Streamline icon family as a starting point I designed a suite of icons and illustrations for each of the software features. These line art icons and illustrations were also used elsewhere throughout the site for webinars, events and blog posts.

Digital Brand

In tandem with the website project I also worked with Interact to develop their new brand guidelines and a library of new digital brand assets such as PDF downloads, HTML emails and Powerpoint presentations.