Morrisons Careers

Based in Bradford, Morrisons is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom with over 498 stores across the UK. I worked with Chatter Communications to design and develop a new mobile friendly careers website incorporating the new look Morrisons brand.

UX Design
UI Design

Content Priority Guide
Responsive Wireframes
Element Collage
Interface Design

Chatter Communications

Mobile first approach

After working with the teams at Chatter and Morrisons to create a content priority guide, the next step in the process was to create a set of mobile wireframes using UX Pin. After a run of testing, feedback and revisions the mobile wireframes were expanded to create a full interactive prototype of the site with both mobile and desktop wireframes.

Element collage

Whilst working on the wireframes I was also designing an element collage for the site at the same time. An element collage is a key component in an efficient responsive design process. Designed in such a manner that makes it obvious that what you’re looking at is not a full blown design, they provide clients with a general impression of a variety of components that will combine to create an overall visual style.

View the full element collage online here

Interactive banner

Unlike the other UK supermarkets, Morrisons manufacture a substantial volume of their own food products at 16 sites across the UK.

This ‘field to fork’ concept was brought to life with an interactive parallax scrolling banner on the homepage featuring staff video stories from key areas such as manufacturing, logistics and in-store.

Template Designs

With a full wireframe prototype of the site and an element collage approved by the client, the next step was to create a full set of designs for each of the key templates of the site using Sketch and Photoshop.