Sky Betting & Gaming Careers

Sky Betting & Gaming are one of the biggest employers of digital and technology talent in the north of England and their ambition is to be the UK’s best digital business. I worked with Chatter Communications to design a new careers website to attract the right kind of people to help them make gaming better.

From the first kick-off meeting we knew the number of users viewing the existing site on mobile devices was very high. As a result we decided this site would be the perfect opportunity to fully embrace a mobile first approach complete with a new set of deliverables and a new project process.

UX Design
UI Design
Digital Video

Content Priority Guide
Responsive Wireframes
Element Collage
Interface Design

Chatter Communications

Mobile first approach

After collaborating with the Chatter team to create a content priority guide, the next step was to create a set of mobile device wireframes using UX Pin. After a period of testing, feedback and revisions the mobile wireframes were then expanded to create a full prototype of the site with both mobile and desktop wireframes.

Element collage

The element collage was a new deliverable that came about as part of our new mobile first process. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of the project as I could really get my creative juices flowing without concentrating on the functionality or technical details.

The main aim of an element collage is, as the name suggests, to create a collection of design elements that display the overall visual essence of how the site will look without designing rigid page templates.

View the full element collage online here

Template Designs

With a full wireframe prototype of the site and an element collage approved by the client, the next step was to create a full set of designs for each of the key templates of the site using Sketch.

Tribe reskin

After the site had been up and running for around year Chatter did some more work around developing the SBG Tribe employer brand a little further.  We updated the careers site to incorporate the new visual style by reskinning each of the key templates.